Will ObamaCare End the Relationship Between You and Your Doctor?

President Obama looked the citizens of the USA in the eye and swore that we would be able to keep our doctor and our healthcare plan once the new Affordable Care Act (aka, “ObamaCare”) is fully enacted. With every passing day, changes in our healthcare system are giving rise to changes that will break that promise.

From an article published today by Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu

There is a growing concern among consumers that they may not be able to see the doctor of their choice, or even keep the doctor they currently have, as a result of what’s happening with ObamaCare.

There are several recent trends, which are concerning and may be a sign the role of the doctor, especially in primary care, is changing as we know it.

Dr. Potarazu lists a few examples of why we should all be concerned, including:

  1. Physicians assistants taking on more responsibility.
  2. A shortage of primary care doctors.
  3. Doctors are becoming employees.
  4. The rise of the virtual doctor.
  5. Doctors being replaced by computers.

California is said to have a unique solution to the extreme shortage of primary care physicians in the Golden State.  They simply changed the definition of what constitutes a primary care physician to include nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

The doctor shortage caused by ObamaCare seems to be an unintended consequence, but who will pay for it in the end? Seniors will, that’s who.

“The most sacred part of health care is the doctor-patient relationship, and there is every indication that the sanctity of this relationship is being eroded’, says Dr. Potarazu.  “The reality is that the current supply of physicians cannot meet the demands of the new construct of the Affordable Care Act, and there needs to be immediate attention to how we will address this imminent manpower issue.”

Going forward, people without a health insurance contract, like a Medicare Advantage plan, will find it to be increasingly difficult to get an appointment with their doctor.

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