New KHN Poll Shows Americans Support ACA and Medicare Expansion

A new public opinion survey on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare and Medicaid, by the Kaiser Family Foundation, is packed with new findings. Americans overwhelmingly support the ACA and its proposed build out of health exchanges. The following points highlight the report from the survey.

  1. Americans have mixed feelings about the ACA, but they support implementation of the law’s core components.
    • 86% of Americans say that “creating a health insurance exchange or marketplace” is an important or top priority.
    • 65% say that “expanding Medicaid” is a top or important priority.
  2. Americans want to protect Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA’s insurance subsidies, despite the federal deficit issues.
    • In all, 52% want to “expand Medicaid to cover more low income people” versus 42% who want to “keep Medicaid as it is today.” Six in ten Americans say Medicaid is important to their own family, with 38% calling it “very important.”
    • Although most Americans want to reduce federal spending and the budget deficit, 91% want limited reductions in Medicare, 83% want the same for Medicaid, and 74% have the same mindset about the ACA’s health insurance subsidies.
    • 60% of those surveyed agree that “Medicare is working well,” including 80% of seniors.
    • Only 24% believe that Medicare “is not working well”, including 15% of seniors.
    • 75% of respondents believe the budget deficit can be addressed without changing Medicare.
    • 51% of respondents oppose raising the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to age 67.

The survey offers additional interesting fact regarding American opinions on obesity, diabetes, and AIDS/HIV.

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